Todd Esajian

Viking Valor: Todd Esajian

This month’s Viking Valor honoree is KHS alumni and local businessman Todd Esajian. Esajian is a Class of 1998 graduate who demonstrates excellence through his hard work and dedication to the Kingsburg community.

Esajian was born and raised in Kingsburg. He attended Cal Poly University for a year and then transferred to Fresno City College to play basketball, and he transferred to Fresno State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Today, Esajian is the proud business owner of two restaurants, Stacked and Deli Delicious.

When asked about his inspiration growing up Esajian replied, “I have always wanted to open up my own restaurant. My friend, who is the owner of the Deli Delicious franchise, encouraged me to open a few in the Visalia area. Once I did, I learned a lot about what it takes to run a restaurant. My friend and business partner, Noah Murguia, and I had the idea about opening up a place in Kingsburg. We came up with the concept of Stacked. We were glad because we make a great team, and we developed a place that Kingsburg seems to enjoy.”

Before becoming a restaurateur, Esajian explored different career options, but he always had the mindset of an entrepreneur. In fact, his first jobs were his own business ventures detailing cars and mowing lawns.

In high school, Esajian worked at packing sheds and did field work every summer. By college, he worked at Table Mountain Casino and he also worked in construction for Granville Homes.

During high school, Esajian was very involved in school activities.

“I was involved in sports. I played on the basketball team and golf team all four years. I was lucky to have people in my life that guided me in the right direction. They explained to me that good things will happen if you put in the hard work to graduate and finish college, and they were absolutely right. I hope I can influence other young people to do the same.”

Walking into one of Esajian’s local restaurants, patrons are immediately greeted by either current or recently graduated Vikings. Not only is he a good influence for our community’s young people, he also employs several of them.

After opening up his restaurants and owning his own construction company, Esajian plans to expand his businesses to Visalia and other locations throughout the Central Valley.

“I am always brainstorming and thinking of new business endeavours. I enjoy the process of designing, planning, and building something into existence. I am very competitive,” explained Esajian.

Esajian has explored many career options throughout his life, but has invested the most in his hometown. He continues to inspire and contribute to the Kingsburg community with his creative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Esajian has invested a lot in building a diverse resume. From learning construction to being a proud businessman, he has now tailored his experiences to fulfill his dream of owning his own restaurant.

Esajian is an inspiration to all KHS Vikings and especially to those who hope to build their own successful business model. In fact, his strong work ethic and business acumen makes him the perfect example of what it means to be a Viking.

By Shareen Purewal

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