Michelle Roman

“First Female Mayor of Kingsburg”

On Dec. 21st the Kingsburg City Council members elected Michelle Roman as the first female mayor of Kingsburg. Though Roman was not raised in Kingsburg, her dedication to our community represents a perfect example of Viking Valor.

Roman has been a part of the Kingsburg City Council for 6 years and is more than excited for what’s in store for the small town’s future.

Her passion to help others started at a very young age. Roman comes from a very small town of only 125 in Avery, CA. She stated that her family was and still is involved in volunteering to help make the community they are a part of a better place for everyone. Roman said she specifically chose to live in a small town, like Kingsburg, because she knew she would do everything she could to volunteer and give back to the community any way she can.

“My family and I moved here [to Kingsburg] in 1999 when our son Justin was only 2 years old. Our daughter Lindsey was born the following year,” she voiced.

“I had visited Kingsburg before and attended the Swedish Festival. I had lived in Denmark after high school and speak Danish, so I really loved the Scandinavian influence in town.”

Roman said she was attracted to Kingsburg because of its friendly atmosphere, great schools, low crime rates, and its cleanliness. “We knew this would be a great place to put down our roots and raise a family here.”

After moving to Kingsburg, Roman’s desire to make a difference in her community helped spark her interest in running for City Council. She added, “I can remember several friends of mine here in Kingsburg talking about how we didn’t feel there was a voice on City Council for children and families. I kept encouraging them to run for City Council and they felt discouraged to even try.”

Roman understood the concerns and frustrations of her friends, but couldn’t commit to the task at the time. As her children grew older she was asked to again to run for City Council by a City Council member themselves.

“I was so fortunate to have been chosen by the Council and I thought this would give me some time to try it out and see if I wanted to run for election,” she stated. “It was the best decision I ever made.”

Roman spent her time on the City Council first as a City Councilwoman, then as the Mayor Pro-Tem, and now as Mayor of Kingsburg. “I feel very honored and excited to represent the City of Kingsburg. I hope I can encourage other women in Kingsburg to get involved in the city. It truly is a wonderful experience!”

As Mayor, Roman presides over all the meetings of the City Council and represents the City at all public functions including a number of county-wide and regional commissions and committees. She will hold the position for a total of two years before elections will be held again among the City Council members, but with the time in between, Roman has big plans for Kingsburg.

Currently, the new mayor has been working on a few projects to help better the community. One specific idea being implemented to the youth in town is the creation of a skatepark that will be built by Reagan School at Athwal Park.

Roman has been working with local students on the construction of the skatepark, “Everyone’s input has been valuable as we all work together to design, build and hopefully open the skatepark before the end of the school year.”

The City of Kingsburg also hopes to be one of the top four finalists with the Small Business Revolution which will help the City revitalize the downtown area and also win a $500,000 grant.

“We will know by the first week in February if we made the shortlist dwindled down from 8 to 4,” she stated. “If we are one of the finalists, we only have 1 week to vote Kingsburg in as the winner. We will need ALL of your help with getting the word out to help us win this grant.”

KHS junior Austin Bratton has also been appointed by the new mayor to the Community Services Commission. Mayor Roman stated that she hopes to see more students on the Commission in the future and she has even planned on creating a Youth Advisory Commission.

The Youth Advisory Commission would work with the City Council and the City of Kingsburg on coming up with new ideas and working on projects within the city. Roman wishes to see them grow and become leaders in the community as well.

“This Youth Council is open to all grades and I would encourage you to get involved in your city. I hope you will think about joining my Youth Council to help shape the future of Kingsburg.”

Mayor Roman said she was most excited about representing Kingsburg at local, County, and State events.

“I want to share with everyone my enthusiasm about our ‘little Swedish City.’”

Kingsburg made history when the City Council elected Michelle Roman as mayor. Although students on campus may not think their voice is enough to make a change in the community, Roman stated with much enthusiasm, “This is YOUR city too! Whether you have an idea for city activities, businesses, ordinances or just want to get involved as a leader. I want you all to know that I value your ideas and opinions about the future of Kingsburg.”

If you’d like to get a hold of Mayor Roman, she stated her email is open to all students. “Whether you have an idea for city activities, businesses, ordinances or just want to get involved as a leader. I would encourage you to get involved in your city.”

To all students at KHS and those in the Kingsburg community, make sure to congratulate Michelle Roman on her new role as the first female mayor of Kingsburg.

Halle Sembritzki/Issue 5/News

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