Marjorie Buller

Mrs. Marjorie Buller has been an active business owner in Kingsburg coming up on 30 years now. “Margie” has been selected for the Viking Valor recognition for her many contributions to the Kingsburg community and her charity work.

When Margie first opened her business in Kingsburg, the town population was only 4,000. As Kingsburg grew in size, Margie’s business grew along with it. This is when she recognized the need to give back to the community. From donating coupons to KHS sports teams, to volunteering at a local church, Margie has been a role model in Kingsburg for her kindness and compassion.

Since opening day, Pub-N-Sub has supported KHS sports teams in football, soccer, baseball, swim, and basketball. From the sponsoring of pre-game meals to the post-game celebration pizzas, Margie and her business have supported KHS athletes and clubs.

Originally, the business acted as part arcade and part restaurant which drew in the attention of Kingsburg Youth Soccer League, Kingsburg Youth Softball League, and Kingsburg Youth Football League. To help raise money for these sports teams, Margie began donating coupons that the players could then sell in exchange for a raffle ticket to win various prizes.

Not only does Margie also actively support local youth, high school sports teams, and other athletes, but she also serves a Thanksgiving meal for those in need every year on Thanksgiving day. Since 2010, Margie has collected food and donations to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the needy. On average, Margie feeds around two hundred people every year. She hopes to eventually double this number in years to come. Following this Thanksgiving tradition, Margie also has hopes to begin serving meals on Christmas as well.

In addition to her charity work, Margie has supported professional AMA Supercross rider, Johnnie Buller number 542 from Kingsburg. With the help of her restaurant, Margie hosts an annual fundraising dinner for Johnnie to help jumpstart Supercross season and pay for races and equipment.

Margie’s parents both grew up in Kingsburg, graduating from KHS, and Margie followed in their footsteps. After attending Kingsburg High School, she graduated in 1984. While at KHS, Margie played tennis for four years and maintained her grades.

Margie was in junior high when she helped at her parent’s pizzeria in Selma known as Pizza Pirate from 1977-1982.

Margie’s parents bought Pub-N-Sub as soon as it became available in 1986. The building was tied into a Mini Storage that Margie still owns and operates today. Margie began managing this restaurant alongside her siblings. As her parents got older, Margie decided it was time for her to take over the business and run it as her own.

Her restaurant has been a big success since day one thanks to business acumen, her support of the community, and her hard work. Since the early years, Margie gained loyal customers that she still serves to this day.

Even with her limited free time, Margie still enjoys volunteering at Kingsburg First Baptist Church in the nursery.

Margie Buller was chosen for the Viking Valor Award because of her many contributions to the community and youth. She is a successful business owner in Kingsburg, and a figure in the community who is valued for her dedication to the well-being of the people in her home town.

“I’ve enjoyed working and living my whole life in Kingsburg. It’s the best little town,” Marjorie Buller.

by McKenzie Buller

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