Green Club

Green Club's focus is to create awareness of the health and benefits of our environment, and to educate the school and community on how to be more 'green'-minded. Our main fundraiser has been collecting bottles and cans from the Science Department for recycling. This not only keeps recyclable waste out of landfills, but also brings money to our club for other events. We are currently in the works to facilitate the building of a water-bottle refilling station on campus. Green Club will be donating a portion of their fundraiser money to this project to increase the use of refillable water bottles on campus. Members of the Green Club also get information for one of the major outdoor programs we offer through Yosemite National Park, called WildLink, where students learn about the National Park Service, conservation and preservation, and experience a week backpacking in the wilderness of Yosemite. Green Club is hoping to increase its benefit to the environment and to others by recycling used markers and highlighters, and by collecting gently-used school supplies that can be donated to schools in developing nations. This last Fall, the Green Club put together a video for a campaign contest against littering.

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