Don Norrby

KHS Recognizes Don Norrby
for his example to Excellence
& Viking Valor

Donald Norrby is a great example of what it truly means to be a Kingsburg Viking.

A student, teacher, counselor, vice principal, principal, and superintendent–all titles describe Norrby’s life in education and exhibit his dedication to KHS.

Norrby was born in Selma Hospital and was raised in Kingsburg. In high school, Norrby was very involved in KHS. A born leader, Norrby was an integral part of KHS student government all four years of his high school career. In fact, he was ASB president his senior year.

In addition, Norrby participated in football, basketball, and baseball. When reminiscing about the importance of playing sports he commented, “I learned about being part of a team.”

After graduating from KHS in 1956, Norrby continued his schooling at Fresno State to obtain his degree. He then went on to get his Administration Credential and bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University.

Norrby began his career in education teaching in San Jose. He then became a principal at a high school with 1800 kids in the Bay Area. In 1989, Norrby interviewed to become the Superintendent of KHS. He was offered the job that same day.

“I enjoyed being in education because I liked to teach,” voiced Norrby.

Between 1989 and 2001, Norrby served as Superintendent of Kingsburg Joint Union High School District.

“Then, KHS wasn’t the same as when I was a student. The population was more diverse and slowly growing. There were also changes in behaviors of the students.”

Norrby continued, “Our group of teachers was very strong and capable. The kids were willing to straighten out things that were not right. They became very responsibleand I saw kids get involved in positive activities.”

Norrby was also committed to modernizing our campus in his tenure. “Mr. Norrby was always kind to the staff and had big plans for the building projects here at KHS. He was a true Viking!” stated English department chair Michele Schiller.

As the KHS Superintendent, he sat down with an architect everyday to design a layout for an improved high school. “I walked around campus everyday and worked with contractors. We wanted to design a quiet campus and improve the science building,” voiced Norrby.

Preserving core values is a big motivation in Norrby’s life. His commitment helped him while he was a Superintendent at KHS. “I learned my core values in a hurry from my folks and relatives. Those core values never changed.”

Norrby will always be remembered by KHS staff for his kindness and commitment. “Mr. Norby was supportive of the teachers. He treated each member of the staff with respect and appreciation,” stated math teacher Gail Williams.

Norrby still thinks a lot about KHS students. “My advice to students at KHS today is to be involved in the environment and in the school. Whether it’s through sports, drama, music, student government, as long as it is something, commit to it. It is important to be involved.”

Don Norrby’s life-long commitment to KHS and our community represents Viking Valor in its purest form. He is just one of many who have shaped the Kingsburg community into what it is today. His heart will always be a Viking.

By Remy Hamada
Viking Voice Editor in Chief

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